What Are The Best Ways To Make Money With NFT?


In 2020, NFTs blew away
the internet, and they’ve remained a huge trend over the past few years.


Through NFTs, investors
and creators have amassed huge sums of money that are life-changing. Making
money from NFTs can seem daunting, especially when huge numbers are thrown
around. Earlier this year, Beeple’s NFT was sold for USD 69.3 million and
transformed the way people view digital collectibles. Now everyone is trying to
catch this wave by getting their feet wet. In case you haven’t started sailing
yet on the NFT cruise boat, don’t panic – the cruise boat hasn’t sailed far

In this article, you’ll
learn different ways to earn
money from NFT in India

1.    Rent Out

The non-fungible token (NFT)
is a digital asset that is uncopyable. Renting them out might be a good idea.
Renting is not a complicated process, it works like renting a real estate
property. The concept of renting an NFT involves lending it out for a certain
length of time to someone in exchange for a fee. It is possible to earn money
from NFTs without giving up ownership by renting them out.

2.    Royalties

Is NFT an intangible
that can earn royalties?

You can do that.
Creators can earn passive lifelong royalties even after selling their digital
assets. When someone buys your asset, however, you will receive royalties for
the rest of your life. A royalty is one of the best passive income sources for
artists. When it comes to making money from NFTs, royalties are essential to

3.    Trade NFTs

Trading NFTS is another
option besides selling them. Entrepreneurs and investors buy and sell NFTs to
make money like stocks. As with making NFTs, if you own a collection and no
longer need them, you can easily sell them. You will skip only the minting

If you buy and sell
NFTs, you can make a profit. An art piece by Beeple-based Miami collector Pablo
Rodriguez-Fraile fetched more than 1,000 times its original price in less than
six months! However, all NFTs are not the same. The value of some is millions
of dollars, while the value of others is almost nothing. To profit from a
future resale of an item, collectors must examine it critically.

4.    NFT gaming

It is possible to make
money by playing video games today. NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency used for
in-game items in blockchain-based games. CryptoKitties are an example of an
extremely difficult-to-find collectible, which is very expensive.

It is not uncommon for
crypto cats to reach more than $300,000 in some cases. It has become increasingly
common to release games that use cheaper NFTs. Several companies offer free
stuff to the first few people who register.  Make money with nft is
quite achievable with all the latest gaming NFTs.

5.    Staking NFTs

A major advantage of the
marriage of NFTs and decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) is the ability to
stake NFTs. Staking is the act of depositing digital assets into a smart
contract that uses the DeFi protocol to create a yield. It is possible to stake
token incentives on some platforms using any NFT, while on others you must buy
native NFTs (which are usually priced in the platform’s utility token).

6.    Adopt NFT-powered yield

As NFTs are quickly
becoming a critical component of AMMs, users can now farm for yields with AMMs
that use NFTs. Combining different DeFi protocols can yield the best yields for
your digital assets. “Return farming” is the practice of doing this.
On the Uniswap platform, we will demonstrate how the LP-NFT tokens can be
staked on other protocols for extra yields or used as collateral for trading.

Consider it a way to
earn a yield on top of a process that already generates one. Using this method,
yield farmers can generate income in multiple tiers, which is ideal. Using NFTs
for farming is a great way to earn money.

7.    Invest in NFT startups

Investing in NFT
companies is a great way to earn money from NFTs. You can indirectly earn money
from NFTs when you invest in NFT

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Is NFT? How To Earn Money From NFT

Non-Fungible-Tokens aren’t a fad when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Several
industries can benefit from their use, and they have the potential to transform
the world. Several promising NFT startups are demonstrating excellent
advancements in the crypto market. As they begin their revolutionary journey,
investing in them could have a huge impact on their future. Investing in NFT
startups is a great way to make money nft without experiencing
market volatility directly.


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