Tesla’s Public Superchargers Are Deemed ‘Illegal’ In Germany Due To Technicality

Tesla’s Supercharger stations that are open to non-Tesla electric vehicles are deemed “illegal” in Germany due to the lack of kWh counter on the units. Electrek reports: Handelsblatt reports that Tesla’s Superchargers are considered “illegal” because they don’t have a visible kWh counter at the stations (translated from German): “Every charging station at which charging current is billed according to kilowatt hours must comply with calibration law in Germany , i.e., have a meter that precisely measures the charged current. This applies to public space, but also to company and private premises.” Tesla has always relied on its mobile app to monitor charging sessions, and the stations are not equipped with screens.

Thomas Weberpals, head of the Bavarian State Office for Weights and Measures, said that it is Tesla’s job to retrofit the stations, and it is working toward that. The government doesn’t plan to act on it right now: “The illegal operation is not hindered and not sanctioned. It was and is being worked toward a lawful state.” “There are a few other charging companies that are also in violation of the regulation, but Tesla has the highest number of stations in violation,” notes Electrek.

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