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‘Stop white genocide’: Neo-Nazi rally outside German synagogue on attack anniversary

JTA — Men flying banners with far-right symbols gathered outside a synagogue in Germany on the anniversary of its attempted torching, allegedly by a Turkish citizen. Gathering June 5 in…

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Crowds pay tribute to fallen on 78th anniversary of D-Day, with war again in Europe

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France (AP) — When D-Day veterans set foot on the Normandy beaches and other World War II sites, they express a mix of joy and sadness. Joy at seeing…

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Talk of Tiananmen stifled in China, Hong Kong on massacre’s 33rd anniversary

BEIJING — There was heightened security around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Saturday, anniversary of the bloody 1989 crackdown, while police in Hong Kong warned people not to gather as China strives…

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