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“What is it we need to do as a society to lift up our most vulnerable population?” asks Niambe McIntosh, daughter of Peter Tosh and fierce advocate for prison reform, cannabis legalization, and justice everywhere.

Peter Tosh is the legendary Grammy Award-winning reggae musician and, along with Bob Marley, founding member of The Wailers. Known for the passionate political and social messaging in his songs, Tosh was tragically killed during a home invasion in 1987 when Niambe was only five-years-old.

Today, Niambe is head of the Peter Tosh Legacy & Brand and founder of the Peter Tosh Foundation, where she carries on her father’s message and memory. In 2017, her brother Jawara was incarcerated for cannabis possession in New Jersey. After a brutal attack in prison led to Jawara’s death, Niambe threw herself into the world of prison reform.

Listen to the latest episode of All About Change as Niambe discusses preserving the legacy and work of her father, her passion for prison reform, and the necessity of legalizing cannabis nationwide:

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