Liberman: Election will cost NIS 2.4 billion; the responsible party should pay price

G-7 leaders hold video call with Zelensky, prep new aid for Ukraine

ELMAU, Germany — Leading economic powers confer by video link with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as they underscore their commitment to Ukraine for “as long as it takes” with plans to pursue a price cap on Russian oil, raise tariffs on Russian goods and impose other new sanctions.

In addition, the US is preparing to announce the purchase of an advanced surface-to-air missile system for Kyiv to help Ukraine fight back against Vladimir Putin’s aggression.

The new aid and efforts by the Group of Seven leaders to punish Moscow come as Zelensky has openly worried that the West has become fatigued by the cost of a war that is contributing to soaring energy costs and price hikes on essential goods around the globe.

Zelensky told the leaders that now is not a time for negotiation with Russia because he needs to be in stronger position first, according to a senior French diplomat. The Ukrainian leader said “he will negotiate when he will be in a position to do so,” said the diplomat, who speaking under condition of anonymity in line with the French presidency’s customary practices.

“His goal is to end the war as quickly as possible and to get out of it in the best possible position, so that he can negotiate from a position of strength,” the diplomat says, adding that Zelensky told the summit leaders that he needs economic, financial and military support.

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