Lee Soo Man Gains Attention For His Reaction Towards Girls’ Generation After Their SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Performance

SM Entertainment recently held their SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert.

Throughout the night, netizens were treated to some of the most iconic performances by the artists. There were also lots of cute interactions between idols of all ages.

The SM Entertainment family at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 | SM Entertainment

Although all the idols shined, one group gained attention, and it was Girls’ Generation who recently had a comeback to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Throughout the night, the members shined, and SONEs couldn’t stop gushing about the performances.

Girls’ Generation’s performance | Beyond LIVE

| Beyond LIVE   

Aside from all the SONEs, there was one other person who truly cemented their love for Girls Generation, and it was none other than SM’s founder Lee Soo Man.

During the concert, netizens noticed that Lee Soo Man was cheering for Girls’ Generation with his pink lightstick… the group even gave a shoutout to him in their set.

| @haenyeo_/Twitter 

After the set, one moment truly stood out, and it showcased Lee Soo Man’s true personality. When each act finished its set, videos were shared of him hugging each group.

It seems like it was no different for Girls’ Generation. When their performance ended, and the group left the stage, Lee Soo Man was waiting for the members. As soon as they saw him, they ran up to him, and he gave them the biggest hug.

| @dorkyuri/Twitter  

| @dorkyuri/Twitter

Later, a high-quality video of the interaction was shared on the SM Town Instagram page. Of course, it made netizens soft AF seeing how supportive and happy Lee Soo Man was to see Girls’ Generation back on stage with the rest of the SM artists.

| @smtown/Instagram

| @smtown/Instagram

Yet, another reason that netizens love the interaction so much is because of the contract status of the members of Girls’ Generation. In 2017, Tiffany left the company, Sooyoung joined Echo Global Group, and Seohyun joined Namoo Actors in 2019.

Lee Soo Man was praised for his interaction with the three former SM idols. He made sure to share his love for all the members during the hug. In the video, netizens saw that Lee Soo Man went out of his way to show Seohyun, Tiffany, and Sooyoung the same love and appreciation.

| @dorkyuri/Twitter

Sooyoung even shared her love for the video in the comments, adding the same #GG4EVA hashtag.

When the videos were shared on social media, netizens couldn’t get over the interactions between Lee Soo Man and Girls’ Generation. They particularly praised Lee Soo Man for the support he’s shown to all the members, including those who are no longer under the SM Entertainment banner.

Girls’ Generation will always be one of the most iconic groups in K-Pop, and their recent comeback has shown why. The fact that Lee Soo Man’s reaction to the group has gone viral shows their influence and that SM will always support all the members, no matter where they go.

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Source: @smtown/Instagram

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