K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What Does GOT7 Jay B's 'Rocking Chair' Really Mean?

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This week, we’re diving deep into the meaning behind GOT7 member and soloist Jay B’s latest release ‘Rocking Chair’. This is most definitely a sonic detour from Jay B’s usual sound and a refreshing change in subject matter too. Featuring his golden vocals that stand at the forefront of the piece, uninterrupted by heavy accompaniment, ‘Rocking Chair’ is genuine, meaningful, and heartfelt.

Let’s take a look at what the lyrics of ‘Rocking Chair’ mean!

Today too, it was hard when I opened my eyes / Due to yesterday’s sleepless night, time that is never enough / Hair that is half-dried / Did not even have time to eat breakfast / After a short exchange at a cafe with a long line / After a short conversation / You are stuck looking at the screen with your head down

The first verse paints a blue picture of melancholia and depression, something that is a harsh reality for innumerable people to whom this is directed. It is also something the artist himself has struggled with and has been quite open about. In an age where mental health is being given increasing priority yet continues to be stigmatized simultaneously, Jay B’s song comes as a beacon of hope for visibility, understanding, and acceptance.

Jay B speaks directly to the one who is suffering in silence, for whom time runs either too fast or too slow. Something as apparently simple as waking up in the morning, taking a shower, and having breakfast before going out becomes unimaginably difficult. Jay B wants them to know that they’re seen and heard.

If you feel lonely even in the slightest / Come to me as you are and sit / Lean comfortably and rest on me / It’s alright if you fall asleep / If you are having a tiring day / I will put a blankеt around you / And I will become your rocking chair

In a chorus that is the musical incarnation of an actual rocking chair, as soothing and comforting as one, Jay B opens his arms wide so we can rest. He calls out to his listeners, asking them to lean on him, his voice, his words, and find refuge in them. He encourages iGOT7 to be themselves, come as they are, and stay a while until the world feels like a better place, even in the slightest.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What Does GOT7 Jay B's 'Rocking Chair' Really Mean?

JAY B’s Instagram

Do you feel small / Becausе the sunset outside the window is beautiful but you have nowhere to go / When the sounds of people and the bustling streets become quiet / I still feel like I am alone / It seems that I have gotten used to the ‘close’ button / That has become much more worn-out than the ‘open’ button

With this verse, Jay B pours in his vulnerability, which inadvertently allows him to connect with his listeners even more intimately. Instead of it being a one-way conversation, Jay B both shares and listens, consoles, and allows himself to be consoled. He makes sure you know that he needs you just as much as you need him, and nothing is more precious than a relationship like that.

Is there something bothering you that you cannot put to sleep / I will stay beside you until you fall asleep / Lean on me and like now, do not worry / I want to be of comfort to you

Finally, with the bridge, Jay B declares once and for all that his artistic manifesto is simply to be there for you when you need him the most. He understands that pain does not have to be grand or tragic by society’s standards for it to be acknowledged. Even if it’s something as seemingly insignificant as not being able to fall asleep, Jay B wants you to know that it’s valid. This is music that matters. This is the art that changes lives, and Jay B is the one who has taken it upon himself to make sure it reaches us.

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