Here Are 20 Motivational Quotes From The BTS Members In A Brand New Voice Letter For ARMY

BTS empowers ARMY through their thoughtful actions and kindhearted words. With all of their years spent running towards their dreams, they always have the best words of advice for fans who are struggling with beginning their own journey towards their dream. Check out some of the members’ inspiring quotes below from their latest Weverse voice letter “When You’re Hesitating Before A New Challenge” and more!

1. Choosing the right path

‘Should I take the path I want, even if it might be a bit reckless? Or should I take the path my mother wants me to take, which is safer but not exactly what I want?’ Why do you think it might be reckless? Think about it. The path you have on your mind isn’t necessarily reckless.

— J-Hope/Weverse

2. Trying new things

I would like to try new things in many different ways, too. I’m working on a mixtape for the first time, and the experience is giving me a new appreciation of all the hard work the other members who’ve done it put into theirs. The fact that I have to come up with a whole album (by myself) gives me considerable pressure.

— V/Weverse

3. Enjoying the experience

ARMY, please give me strength. What should I do? This is too hard. Seriously, what should I do? Oh well, why not just give it a try? As long as I enjoy the experience. Right, ARMY? Okay, I’ll give it a another try.

— Jungkook/Weverse

4. Taking it one step at a time

If any of you feel lost in the face of uncertainty or the pressure of starting something new, don’t rush. Take a deep breath. You may find any moment can be turned into an opportunity. Allow yourself to take it easy one step a time.

— Jin/Dear Class of 2020

5. Feeling insecure is okay

I guess there is a level of fear, in a sense. Feeling insecure about myself even now. I think that’s why I still feel a little scared. Being overwhelmed with the feeling that I’m not ready yet.

— J-Hope/Weverse

6. You might worry about the future

To be honest, I have many thoughts, too. Things like, ‘What kind of a life will have in my 30’s?’ ‘How should I approach music?’ ‘Can I continue my career in music?’

— RM/Weverse

7. Looking for friendly competition

Funny thing is, looking at the amazing results of what the other members have done inspires me and challenges me. This question comes up a lot in interviews, ‘Who do you think is your rival?’ I think my true rivals who provide some friendly competition are the other members of BTS.

— J-Hope/Weverse

8. It’s always worth the risk

Trying something new is beautiful, even though there is a risk of failure

— Jimin/Weverse

9. Your hard work is your business

Only you have to know how hard you work.

— Jin/PTD Exhibition

10. Always trying new things

When I was little, I worked on getting ready to become a trainee. Then I became a trainee and challenged myself in various ways while getting ready for our debut. I’m still trying to push myself to all kinds of new adventures.

— J-Hope/Weverse

11. Changing your mindset

Taking up instruments I hadn’t touched in a while and catching up on studying things that I wasn’t good at, I’m having fun. I really hated doing them back when I was little, but now they’re fun.

— Suga/Weverse

12. Dealing with hardships

Life comes with plateaus. Everybody goes through a slump at some point. I bet there’s nobody who doesn’t experience this in their lifetime. What do you do when you get stuck in one? You just have to trudge on. Just go through the motions without giving it much thought.

— Suga/Weverse

13. Letting them pass

Worries? Everyone has worries. You might feel a little unhappy when you have them but it will pass and soon after you feel happiness again.

— Jin/Burn the Stage

14. Pushing yourself

I’m lazy, too. I’m lazy, but I just do it. You just have to find the one thing you’re really serious about, the one thing you’d do no matter what, the one path you’ve claimed as your own. Singing and dancing on the stage is the path for me so I just pour my whole being into it.

— Jungkook/Weverse

15. Loving your dream

I’m being totally honest, my dream is to continue what we’re doing for a long time. I want to keep doing it for good.

— Jimin/Weverse

16. Getting excited for a new adventure

Because we actually got more involved with the production of this album, I’m brimming with anticipation.

— V/Weverse

17. Nervous or excited?

We’re trying so many new things we haven’t done before, you know? So, I feel both nervous and excited.

— RM/Weverse

18. Setting new goals

I personally don’t really have any grand goals this year. Maybe to become a special person to someone? Wouldn’t that be meaningful? I want a goal like that. To become a special person to someone.

— J-Hope/Weverse

19. Asking for help when you need to

Just because others are having difficulties, it doesn’t mean that yours get any less difficult. So whenever you’re having a hard time, tell others that you’re struggling. Ask them to understand and comfort you.


20. Going forward

It’s more fun when there are moral goals you can work on to attain. We will never stop! So, this year, we can all just totally break the mold!

— RM/Weverse

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