Google Docs update helps everyone stay on task

What you need to know

  • Google Docs receives its new Tasks feature.
  • An admin can create tasks for multiple people in a document to easily allow people to know what to do and when it should be done by.
  • The new feature will only be available for Legacy G Suite Basic and Business users with personal accounts missing out.
  • The feature began its rollout on August 17 for those under “rapid release,” while those under “scheduled release” will see it begin rolling out on August 31.

Google Docs brings in a new feature allowing you to assign tasks to multiple people working on a document.

Keeping everyone up-to-date and clear on their work direction is crucial. In Google’s recent Workspace post, the company details its new feature slowly rolling out to its Doc service. The app’s new “Tasks” feature allows the creator of a document to assign an item to someone within a document which would then turn into a checklist (Tasks List) for the assignee. Google explains that when an edit is made to someone’s task, such as its title or completion date, it will show in the document itself.

An example of Google Docs' new Tasks feature in a document.

(Image credit: Google)

For those interested in utilizing this update, the Tasks feature must be turned on for people a part of your Workspace domain. Google has provided a detailed walkthrough of turning this new feature via the Tasks help page. 

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