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YouTube makes it easy to
create content, and you’ll probably enjoy it more than you thought. People make
multiple channels to feed their passions. As any big YouTuber will tell you,
managing one channel on your own is super hard. You might overwhelm yourself
after creating additional tasks if you do not prepare accordingly.
Unfortunately, you do not have to accept defeat and let your creativity suffer.
Here are nine tips on managing multiple youtube channels with multiple
 at once.


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1.     Make one of your
channels a priority

Initially, you probably
chose a niche that most interests you on YouTube. Besides using the first
channel to earn income, the second channel was perhaps a way to keep you
entertained and share thoughts with others. The reality is that you cannot
prioritize everything and expect to see significant progress. YouTube is no
different, and you should focus most of your attention on one channel.

Here are many ways you
can put your focus on one channel. Your main channel could have regular posts
and your secondary channel could have random posts whenever inspiration
strikes. In this way, you don’t have to worry about keeping to a strict
schedule for your second 
Youtube channel.


.  Creating a video

YouTube channels fail
most often because users fail to upload regularly enough. Your channel will
suffer if you don’t know what type of videos you want to produce.

It is still a good idea
to schedule your videos even if you only have one YouTube channel. When you
have two, it becomes even more important to know what you need to accomplish;
this will save time and mental capacity before you start coming up with ideas.
Google Calendar and many other tools are available for creating your video

 3. Organize Your Time More

The key to getting a lot
done is probably effective time management if you ever wondered how someone
gets so much accomplished. Most of us get less-than-optimal results by filling
up our schedules with everything we can think of. Managing two or more YouTube
channels will require you to prioritize your daily tasks. Including work or
study obligations is good but limits meaningless activities. You should also
begin your day with your most challenging task.

The Pomodoro technique
is one of many time management techniques. 

1.    4.  Practice Patience

The process of growing
YouTube channel can take months or years. It is
possible to become impatient and wonder why things aren’t moving at your pace
if you build more than one. If you divide your efforts into several areas, it
might take longer for your channels to grow than if you concentrated all of
your efforts on one. Consistency and the ability to learn from mistakes allow
you to succeed in the long run. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to persist, even if
it feels like you’re losing hope.

1.     5. Make your videos in

You might have noticed
that YouTubers wear the same clothes in consecutive videos if you’ve ever
watched them. That’s because they probably recorded all their content at once.
And if you want to manage multiple YouTube channels simultaneously, you should
follow their lead. The tripod and lighting are ready when you record videos.
The only exception is vlogs, which tend to be more “at the moment”. Consider
recording two or more videos at once rather than packing everything away. To
give your brain a chance to think, take regular breaks while you batch-record

 6.  Use Presets to
Streamline Your Editing Process

You probably use video
editing software to create your videos. There are many solutions
available-Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, etc. With presets, you
can easily edit videos on almost any professional video editing platform.
Presets can significantly reduce your editing time if your videos have a
consistent style and theme. It is possible to use these for exporting, color
grading, and more.

1.     7. Focus on topics you’re
passionate about

You probably searched
for the most profitable niches when you considered starting a YouTube channel.
As a professional YouTuber, you must find a way to monetize your channel.
Monetizing is not necessary unless you choose topics you are not interested in.
You will burn out if you choose a subject you don’t love. Over two billion
people use YouTube, so chances are some people share your interests! Choosing
topics you are passionate about will motivate you.


.  Outsource tasks to

So you can earn money from
YouTube, you need to think like a businessperson. When you are not making much
money in your initial phases, reinvesting as much as possible back into the
channel is a wise strategy. Hiring other people can limit your workload when
you have the means. A lot of big YouTubers have assistants who can assist with
administrative tasks, and many of them also have editors.

Platforms like Fiverr
and others can provide you with the help you need.

1.    9.  Create different visions
for each channel

Some people are very good
at improvisation and running with ideas, but you’re more likely to succeed if
you have a plan for the long run. Create clear visions for all of your YouTube channels when managing multiple
channels. It’s not necessary to monetize each platform, but you should at least
have a plan.

It takes a lot of work to manage multiple YouTube channels, but
it is doable

There’s no need to give
up if you’d like to start more than one YouTube channel. However, you must
consider the amount of work involved and make sure you can handle it.






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