5 K-Pop Boy Groups That Have Completely Disappeared From The Industry

It’s always difficult to hear that one of your favorite K-Pop groups has disbanded, but what’s arguably more difficult is when they go on hiatus for an indefinite time. It leaves you hoping that they’ll have a comeback someday, but more often than not, they just end up disappearing from the industry without any clear resolution. Here are 5 K-Pop boy groups that have all but vanished from the industry!


VIXX had their last comeback as a group with “Walking” on February 1, 2019, making it over 3 years since they released new music.

Soon afterwards, the members of the group began their enlistment periods, and Ravi ended up leaving their company, Jellyfish Entertainment, in May 2019, though he planned to continue as a member of VIXX while promoting his own solo work. Hongbin left the group in August 2020 after being criticized for things said during a livestream, leaving five members still in VIXX.

N also left Jellyfish Entertainment in October 2020, though like Ravi, remained a member of VIXX. Most recently, Hyuk also left the label in June 2022 with the same plans as Ravi and N. However, they haven’t released any group music since any of these departures and member changes happened.

2. KNK

KNK released their last comeback as a group, “Ride”, on September 17, 2020, making it nearly 2 years since they released new music.

Since then, there have been member changes that have likely played a role in their lack of a comeback. Seoham left the group in September 2021, and has since gone on to star in the popular BL K-Drama Semantic Error. In January 2022, Heejun also left KNK, and the following month Inseong started his military enlistment. Currently, the group consists of only Inseong, Dongwon, and Jihun, though hopefully they’ll begin promoting again once Inseong returns.


IMFACT’s last group comeback, the album L.L with the title track “Lie”, came out on April 28, 2020, over 2 years ago.

In July 2020, Jeup started his military enlistment period, which is a common cause of a group’s hiatus. Jian enlisted in November of the same year. Members Taeho and Ungjae made solo debuts in 2021, and Taeho then enlisted in December the same year. In January 2022, it was announced that all five members of the group would be leaving their label, Star Empire, but there was no mention of IMFACT actually disbanding, so it’s possible they’ll still have a comeback.

4. Block B

Block B’s last group comeback, “Don’t Leave”, came out on January 8, 2018, over four and a half years ago.

In November 2018, all the members except for Zico renewed their contracts with their label Seven Seasons, with each member planning on pursuing individual and sub-unit endeavors. The label said that a full-group comeback would have to be negotiated with all seven members, which hasn’t happened yet.

Since then, all of the members have either finished their military service or are in the process of it, and P.O ended up leaving Seven Seasons as well in September 2021. With the members so split up, it would probably be difficult for a full group comeback, but some fans are still hopeful for it.


INFINITE’s last group comeback, “Clock”, was released on February 13, 2019, over 3 years ago.

In the same year, SungyeolDongwooSungjong, and Woohyun all began their military enlistments at different times. L also ended up not renewing his contract with Woollim Entertainment in August 2019, though planned to continue as a member of INFINITE. Sunggyu, Dongwoo, and Sungyeol also ended up not renewing their contracts with the label in March 2021, though Sungjong did.

They all ended up joining different labels, but have had various events with most of the members such as for their 11th debut anniversary. Sungjong also finally ended up leaving Woollim Entertainment in January 2022, and with all of the members so split apart, it seems unlikely that they’ll release music as a group again. But we can always hope!

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