10 Times Aespa’s Karina Got Super Flirty With Girls

There are plenty of male K-Pop idols that get flirty with female fans, but aespa‘s Karina isn’t afraid to join the flirtation herself! Whether with fans, other K-Pop idols, or friends, Karina has flirted shamelessly many different times, and we love to see it. Here are 10 of those times for you to enjoy!

1. She isn’t too intimidated to flirt with an icon like Sunmi!

2. Asking fans to be her wife is a pretty common thing 😂

3. She would be the best rich wife!

4. She just has so many wives 😂

5. This was seamless flirtation.

6. The fans that get these calls are so lucky!

7. Cute, but we don’t believe the “only wife” part 😂👀

8. Possessive Karina is still cute!

9. These interactions are just so endearing.

10. Apparently the cute possessiveness goes back a long way! 😂

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